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    Having just read @fleetfeather's case disposal advert in the marketplace and the reply from @Kmpkt, I thought I'd post here about case hoarding.

    My name is Arboreal and I overbuy PC cases, there I've said it!
    You will be pleased to hear that you're not alone here or in the PC community generally.
    We were having a similar conversation over on Bit-Tech a couple of weeks ago, when one of my friends there was admitting as much.

    So I have a problem with SFF cases [I can 'give up any time' though...], but the majority of them are in use:
    Silverstone SG05 - family PC
    Silverstone SG06 - daughter's PC
    Silverstone TJ08-E - son's PC
    Silverstone TJ08 - sold with a gaming PC in for a friend - a disposal!
    NCase M1 - Photo workstation and LAN PC - daily driver

    Parvum prototype ITX case customised - retired from LAN duty, and replaced by
    Silverstone SG13 - retired from LAN duty in favour of the M1
    Phanteks Evolv ITX #The Shame - given to me by friend who was moving house it's buried in the attic...

    Join me and share your case acquisition and keeping stories, you'll be amongst friends and not judged*

    *Unless you're regularly buying dodgy SFF cases and can't kick the habit:p
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    I literally only have one case at any given time and lose money each time I decide to rebuild my system which is more often than necessary. So I have a problem, but it has to do with my obsession with clean slates.
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    Well, I have the same issue.

    I have:

    2 Cases I designed and had protocase manufacture

    An S4M

    mini-box m350

    another mini box case with an lcd on the front

    some Chinese aluminum cases.

    and a thermaltake core v1. #TheShame

    edit: only the core v1 is currently in use.
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    I have a pile of sub-par ITX cases with "1u" style power supplies - I don't know why I continue keeping and collecting them, but they are rarely used. I have a spare system in one, my router housed in another (pfsense and Pentium embedded), and 2 'freebie' systems in yet more, and a pile as of yet unused.
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    So, the penitents appear to share their burden and seek absolution

    Young Solo welcome; your affliction is a different one, but painful nevertheless. I believe you belong to the Order of Tabula Rasa.

    Welcome, brother the Squirrel gene is strong with you, I feel you attraction to the collection urge.

    The lure of freebie systems that have no immediate use...the Inner Magpie is at work there brother. I know little of the ways of 'U' servers and rackage, I fear.
    I would suggest you confer with 'Father' @confusis, for his predilections stray into that domain in the crossover of SFF and Serverness
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    I have many cases lying around the house, a grand total of fifteen cases

    new pc for proto build in - Lian Li pc A51 i7 8086 win 10
    I will be moving this to
    my self designed case which is currently on my desk waiting for the above. . .

    current main - Lian Li pc Q36 i7 6700 win 7
    last main - Lian Li pc 7FNB i7 960 win 7
    - Lian Li pc A04 Pentium 4 win xp
    - Lian Li pc A04 Pentium 3 win 98
    - unknown A open? AMD win 7
    - Dell dimension 3000 Pentium 4 win xp
    - IBM D2G Pentium 3 win 98

    All of the above still work, kept working for the games . .

    Server case (unused) - Lian Li pc C60

    then we come to the junk yard of four cases I cannot identify, but I have started stripping them down to scrap. I keep promising to throw them out, but they are still here.. . . two were win 98, one was 2000, and one was xp

    I also have an Elonex from 94 - 466VL which I think was win 3.2 . .. . dead
    There was another case, but I managed to throw it away, but I still have the parts in a box . .. somewhere

    Lian Li is still my favourite manufacturer . .

    Do I win a prize?
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  7. Windfall

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    Father Confusis, Lord of SFF Serverness.

    Help us in this time of need!

    Free me from my rackmount cage, and take me to that land of quiet fans!
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    Thank goodness the clinic opened before you were overtaken with an avalanche of caseage, brother.XD

    A definite patient for the clinic; with that case history you have earned a free therapy session.
    Your downfall I see, is the unmagnetic attraction of Lian Li's aluminium wonders; with them making up nearly half of your horde.

    As an M1 owner, I can appreciate the quality of their manufacture, and in fact I did own, and yet sold a Lian Li PCQ 07 in my early ITX days.

    Maybe you could start with getting rid of something from the junk yard to get you into the habit of disposing of the most abjectly unrequired case...there are 4 to choose from, and further opportunities to cleanse yourself and refine your collecting.
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  9. She loved E

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    Compact Splash

    Haha this thread is great. I was about to say I don't have a problem, then remembered there are two builds collecting dust somewhere (probably more if I put my mind to it).
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  10. Dstrm

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    Sitting in my basement collecting dust;
    Silverstone TJ07 ( started converting into a MurderBox )
    Silverstone FT02
    Silverstone GD08
    Silverstone PS07
    Silverstone SG05
    NCASE M1
    InWin Chopin

    Currently using;
    Thermaltake Core WP100

    I went from pretty damn big at the beginning, slowly sized down to about as small as possible, then went full retard.

    Thinking about adding a second pedestal to the Core WP100 for the top.

    * This not counting the 2 or 3 Chieftec/Antex SX1000 cases from yesteryear that are still stuffed in a corner somewhere.
  11. Aux

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    I have to admit to finding another five cases hidden in my server cabinet . . . . making 20 cases altogether

    Damn . ..
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  12. Thehack

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    I have a few. Buying CPU cooler is my bigger problem. Here are the ones I currently own:

    1. K39 (need to sell this off)
    2. S4M (currently the PC)
    3. Dancase A4
    4. SG13
    5. 2 extra Pure cases not for sale at the moment. Super rare edition matte black and matte white. :eek:
    6. Original Pure prototype

    1. LP53
    2. C7
    3. AR06
    4. NH-L9a
    5. NH-L12 (OG)
    6. T318
    7. AR05
    8. IS-40X
    9. Various AMD stock coolers
  13. Aux

    Aux SFF Lingo Aficionado

    mmm, dont get me started on my cpu coolers, including watercooling blocks .. and gpu watercooling blocks
  14. confusis

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  15. Darthbaggins

    Darthbaggins Chassis Packer

    What case is that in the initial article photo?
  16. confusis

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  17. glow

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    I used to just sell off old cases and builds. Even the massive EATX towers with wheels (I remember that one cost me $75 to ship years ago).

    I somewhat stopped doing that, for no real reason.

    Still have (inactive)
    1 Silverstone SG06 <-- Wonderful case back in its heyday. Didn't have the best airflow (partly due to its flawed 120mm front fan mount), as was endemic of early cases of that time,
    1 Silverstone FT03 <-- A great idea, but with some minor space efficiency and accessibility quibbles.
    1 Silverstone FT03 mini <-- They didn't learn a single thing from the SG05 and FT03. Last Silverstone product I purchased.

    Recently pressed these back into service:
    1 Ncase M1 V5 <-- It's a bit large, but very flexible and extensible. it's slightly large size is completely offset by it's incredible component density and space efficiency, IMO.
    1 M350 (that was inactive for years) <-- It's not a great case, but with M.2 finally in full swing, I have finally found a use for it, along with my PicoPSU.

    Current computer is in the:
    1 DAN A4 SFX v4

    Many, many, many sold. These include Silverstone SG05/06/02 cases, along with a beautiful, red, aluminum Lian Li mATX cube, countless mATX/ATX/EATX Antec and CM cases (including the P180 mini, my first case).

    In the end, I am still thankful to Silverstone's SG02 (first "SFF" case in my possession) for bringing me to the SG05 (and to mITX).

    While I do not find DAN's A4 SFX perfect, I do very much appreciate its extreme, unwavering focus to its core principles.

    I think I will find a use for the SG06 eventually, but the FT03 and FT03 mini will eventually have to go. Shame, since I really love the vertical case concept.
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  18. Damascus

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    What cases? I've got a nice flex-ATX/1U psu that need a home
  19. boingk

    boingk Caliper Novice

    1. Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift ITX - great component support in a very small footprint... if not volume.
    2. Inwin BQ656 - lovely little 3.3L Ryzen APU box with slim ODD. Perfect HTPC.
    1. Thermaltake Core V1 - i3 6100 / GTX 670
    2. Origin M-ATX (17L) - 2200G / GTX960
    3. Dell Optiplex 9010 SFF - A8 APU
    4. Random old huge ATX monster - Athlon / GTX670
    I tend to cycle through components and cases a fair bit, if something is a bargain I buy, refurbish, and resell.
  20. xcrco

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    wow I'm glad Im not alone this is the pic of my clutter

    not to mention 3 more itx cases that have purchased for the couple of months

    I have the

    Dan case.V3
    several Custom mod cases 4.2L
    Custom mod 3.9L ( nfc like- I think prototype only one
    Custom mod 1.2L its on my.imgur
    x2 SG13
    kolink rocket
    Node 202
    lian li pc q b21 black modded
    the new and prototype of lone L5 not opened
    china's ZS4DC smaller version not opened
    deskmini 110 not opened.

    so It is becoming a problem. heres my dillema
    Whenever I find a good workable case (based on thermals, acoustic.etc) I always think is I have to go smaller. I did purchased the deskmini 1060 before thinking it will end my adventure but dissapointed with the noise.

    so here I am still looking for the proper case to come along though Im currently using the rocket as the main system.

    in time I will update the pics those are the only ones not being used.
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