APRIL FOOLS: Corsair acquires Minutiae Media for $1.77 million; SFF.Network to be rebranded RGB.Network

A letter from @PlayfulPhoenix, owner of SFF.Network:

Today I have some big news to share: as of today, Minutiae Media (the company that operates SFF.Network) has been acquired by Corsair! Furthermore, as a part of this transition, SFF.Network will now be called RGB.Network, becoming one of the brightest spots on the net.

It goes without saying that Corsair has a massive reputation within the small form factor community, having brought to market such early innovations as the long-lived and industry-heralded Bulldog. Not resting on their laurels, Corsair also developed enclosures like the Graphite 380T, which manage to fit an ITX motherboard in a scant 41L. And, of course, one cannot simply mention Corsair without referencing their plethora of understated and terrific-value RGB components and accessories, too. Talk about lit! Am I right, fellow kids?

(Their puny power supplies, comparatively, have left a very different kind of impression)

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Corsair, RGB.Network will be bringing all the same community dialogue and hard-hitting journalism we’re known for, coupled with the slick accent lighting and gratuitous use of words like powerful and cutting-edge that true ‘pros’ and ‘gamers’ – especially those in that ever-valuable upper-middle-income, 25-45 year-old demographic – demand.

When Corsair first approached me about buying out the site, I will admit to being a bit apprehensive at first. Would a massive corporation acquiring a successful enthusiast-run website simply squeeze us for profit, slowly robbing it of the very thing that made it special to begin with, in an insatiable quest for ever-higher revenue? Maybe – but it quickly became clear to me that working with a company as big as Corsair was an opportunity that my favorite hobby simply couldn’t afford to pass on.

@PlayfulPhoenix’s favorite hobby

I’m sure you’re wondering what comes next for RGB.N as a result of this acquisition. Needless to say, we have many changes ahead now that we’ve got the resources of Corsair to back us up. So here’s what to expect:

  • “Small Form Factor” has been re-defined to cover any computer enclosure under 149L, in order to include all Corsair brand computer cases.
  • Moving forward, all News posts will be generated from official Corsair press releases. Articles without “Corsair”, “Elgato”, “Origin”, “Scuf Gaming”, or “RGB” will no longer be published.
  • The Trade, Marketplace and Vendor Subforums will soon require that all participants be verified Corsair employees, selling new Corsair hardware.
  • Each section of the RGB.N forum will be sponsored by a relevant Corsair brand or product, with links to these providing discounts exclusive to RGB.N forum members (and potentially anyone who Googles “corsair discount code”).
  • Supporters of RGB.Network will soon have a choice of “RGB”, “More RGB” and “Even More RGB” supporter tiers, which replace the existing Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers respectively.
  • In order to maintain fair and balanced guidance for our readers, all product reviews will compare current Corsair products with older Corsair products.
  • All references to ‘coffee and cream’ will be automatically replaced with ‘RGB 4 Lyfe’.
  • Effective immediately, any and all build posts not including at least one Corsair product are banned.

Of course, as mentioned in the headline, we’re also going through a bit of a rebrand as well, which we’ve enabled for all guests of RGB.N. If you’ve toggled the website style before, you can enable our new (and soon to be mandatory!) RGB branding by clicking the button on the bottom left corner of the website (which is labeled as your current active theme for the site), and selecting “RGB”. RGB.N’s RGB lighting utilizes state-of-the-art ‘pixel’ technology alongside non-proprietary technologies like ‘CSS animations’ to provide a smooth, high-performance and responsive RGB solution for your RGB.N browsing needs.

Please join me in celebrating a bright, rainbow-colored future for small form factor.

– Joshua