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Cases Reviews

SilverStone’s VT02 – An STX Upgrade

Comments on the ASRock DeskMini (non-GTX) line have been clear, the stock case that comes with the DeskMini line is pretty average – from the cheap plastic fascia to the mediocre tray style build. The plastic rails and hard-mounted front panel config just leaves a lot of room for that dreaded cables-stuck-in-fan situation. SilverStone’s VT series of cases have existed as long as the...


CES 2019: SilverStone

Time to visit SilverStone, long time proponent of the SFF ecosystem. Let’s see what they had on show!     Big thanks to SilverStone for inviting us to visit their suite!   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.


SilverStone’s SX700-G is Shipping!

At Computex this year, we covered the new 700W SilverStone SFX power supply – the SX700-G. Offering a true SFX form factor at a massive (seriously) 700w, the PSU is impressive to behold. With a Gold efficiency rating, this power supply builds on the solid previous generation SilverStone power supplies.   Check out more info at the official product page:  MSRP: North America –...

Cooling Reviews

SilverStone’s AR11 – Heatpipe Direct Contact Returns

Heatpipe Direct Contact – buzzwords from a bygone era when heatsink technology hadn’t quite reached the peak it is at now. However, there may still be performance to be gained from this technology – especially in smaller form factors where getting the heat to the cooling fins is of utmost priority – a heatsoaking solid baseplate may not be the best option. SilverStone has...


SilverStone’s PCIe to M.2 Range Expands

TechPowerup recently revealed that Silverstone has launched two of their PCIe to M.2 adapters – the ECM23 and ECM25. While we saw these at Computex 2018, it’s great to see them finally ready for retail. The ECM23 is a stylish interpretation of the concept, with an included heatsink. The card uses a full length x16 slot – although only x4 lanes are wired in. Supporting 2230...

Reviews Storage

Quick Look: SilverStone’s EXB01 – Even Moar Storage

Wasted space is the most hated aspect of design to our community.  Empty RAM slots, disregarded drive bays, and one that the SilverStone EXB01 hopes to use up, empty expansion slots. Popping an extra 2.5″ drive in that unused expansion slot is something I’ve wanted to see for years, even back when I, shamefully, ran ATX systems. SilverStone has a huge range of devices to make use of...

Reviews Storage

SilverStone’s FS204 – Moar Storage!

With today’s larger and larger games, operating systems and file formats, more storage space is sometimes a need, rather than a desire. Whilst most cases have a few drive mounts, sometimes we need more. More! Enter the SilverStone FS204, a 5.25″ bay device to finally put that empty optical drive bay to use! Fitting in four 2.5″ drives, this single bay device offers a semi...

Power Supplies Reviews

An In Depth Look at SilverStone’s Nightjar NJ450-SXL

It’s finally here. SilverStone’s Nightjar NJ450-SXL, the completely passive 450 Watt SFX-L power supply has arrived. SilverStone gave SFF Network the first look (and I mean first!) at this unit at Computex 2017, and our community has waited with bated breath since then. The idea of a passive (or even just a silent) SFX power supply has been on our minds for some time. Somewhat...


Silverstone at Computex 2018

SFF Network’s COMPUTEX 2018 coverage is sponsored by SilverStone, who’s celebrating 15 years of innovation in SFF and beyond. Click here to check out their website and to learn more about their latest products. Silverstone, the ever present producers of SFF wares, is celebrating their 15th birthday this year. With new, updated and well designed products on display at Computex, what a way to...


Silverstone’s Passive SFX-L PSU launched !

After our hands-on with a prototype at Computex 2017 almost exactly one year ago, the long awaited NJ450-SXL passively cooled SFX-L PSU from Silverstone is finally ready for its debut ! Silverstone claims 24/7 continuous running @ 40°C ambient on the NJ450-SXL, which they usually qualifies its actively-cooled PSUs for. A beefy aluminium heat-dissipating housing envelops the chassis to allow heat...