SilverStone’s PCIe to M.2 Range Expands

TechPowerup recently revealed that Silverstone has launched two of their PCIe to M.2 adapters – the ECM23 and ECM25. While we saw these at Computex 2018, it’s great to see them finally ready for retail.

The ECM23 is a stylish interpretation of the concept, with an included heatsink. The card uses a full length x16 slot – although only x4 lanes are wired in. Supporting 2230, 2242, 2260 and 2280 M-Key M.2 form factors, the ECM23 supports all PCIE AHCI/NVMe SSDs – SATA variants need not apply.

The ECM25 is the no-nonsense variant, fitting in an x4 slot (or larger). No flashy heatsink is included, however an activity LED (and header) are fitted – maybe those coin mining boards could be used for a NVME storage array?! Drive support is the same as the ECM23.


No pricing and date of availability is available as yet, but we expect these two handy products to hit the market very soon.

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