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NFC Systems S4 Mini Review

The Mini-ITX case market has seen significant growth in the last few years, from small upstarts and titans of industry alike. However, finding the proper balance between features and size still seems to be a tough nut for most case manufactures to crack.  It is with this backdrop that we see NFC Systems step in, with the S4 Mini.  A case that seems – on paper, at least – like it could...


NFC Systems S4 Mini available for pre-order

We had interviewed Josh at NFC Systems several months ago and now his new case design, the S4 Mini, is available for pre-order:  It’s a slim all-aluminum Mini-ITX case designed for DC-DC PSUs. A short dual-slot GPU can be fitted by way of a flexible PCIe extender. Exterior dimensions are 330 x 216 x 57mm. Price is $150 for the chassis itself, with a custom x16 PCIe extender available as an...

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Not From Concentrate: An interview with Josh Sniffen of NFC Systems

Josh Sniffen is the owner of NFC systems, a SFF design firm founded in 2009. With a lineage of products and designs including the NFC ArK and the S Series, Josh has a wealth of experience and knowledge, both as a system building enthusiast and modder, and as a vendor of ultra-portable SFF chassis and systems. Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to speak to Josh about his prior work, as well...