SilverStone’s VT01 – TJ07-esque uSFF!

Recently, I looked at SilverStone’s VT02 – a subtle Mini-STX case along the lines of the ASRock DeskMini styling. Aftermarket cases for the M-STX form factor aren’t exactly common, but SilverStone does have two compatible models in the range – today’s review is of the VT01, the cheaper sibling to the VT02. Inspired by the SilverStone TJ07 – an iconic (albeit huge) case of years gone, the VT01 is an ultra small case for the SFF generation. Built entirely from SECC steel, the VT01 isn’t exactly a pure descendant of the TJ07, but it does offer great value and a …

ASRock’s DeskMini 310 – NUC Killer?

We’ve looked at ASRock’s DeskMini range in the past, with in depth analysis of the B250 and Z370 series DeskMini GTX/RX models – with GTX1080 and GTX1060 GPUs included. These cater for the high end, with prices to suit. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the DeskMini 110 and 310 – Mini-STX rather than Micro-STX, and integrated graphics only. The barebones market is an interesting one – DIY PC with less DIY, but better manufacturer support. Buy a barebones box, slap in a CPU, RAM and storage and you’re off – no power supply selection headaches, board …

ASRock Phantom Gaming Z390 Boards on the Horizon

Browsing the usual sources across the web, I came across a snippet from noting the emergence of ASRock’s new sub branding – “Phantom Gaming”. Whilst we have no confirmation that this brand will replace the Fatal1ty branding that currently adorns products, the article does give us one more bit of info that is worth looking in to – a motherboard list. I quote: Z390 Phantom Gaming 9 Z390 Phantom Gaming SLI/ac Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac Z390 Gaming K6 Z390 Gaming-ITXac Z390 Master SLI/ac Z390 Pro4 Z390 Taichi Ultimate Z390 Taichi Z390M Pro4 Z390M-ITXac Z390M-STX MXM Whilst a few of these …

ASRock Reveals M-ATX Threadripper Motherboard, X299 M-ATX, and Z370 DeskMini GTX!

Press release: When an article is marked as such, the content is unedited and thus does not necessarily reflect the views of, Minutiae Media, or staff. ASRock to Debut Latest Motherboards and Small Form Factor Solutions at CES 2018 TAIPEI, Taiwan, January 4th, 2018 – The global leading motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, is all set to reveal the latest PC products at the upcoming CES 2018 in Las Vegas, US and proudly present the latest product lineup to the world. As the world-leading motherboard provider, ASRock will officially introduce the latest innovative Micro-ATX motherboards based on the Intel® X299 and AMD …

ASRock’s DeskMini GTX/RX Updates!

We’ve been keeping an eye on ASRock’s DeskMini platform since it was leaked to us some time ago. The discussion thread is over 190 posts long, with every minute detail picked out by our community. Just today, we had a hot news tip from a user – the product page for the DeskMini GTX/RX has appeared! It has quite a bit of useful information for those who are chasing that form factor.   A forum member also found that NewEgg is now listing the GTX1060 variant, for US$799.99! Discuss the news here!

Akasa launches Cypher ST, a 1.98L Mini-STX case

Recently, Akasa introduced their first Mini-STX case called the Cypher ST, giving more purchasing options for aspiring SFF enthusiasts looking into the 5″ by 5″ board form factor. The case exhibits many features the other few Mini-STX cases also have, with a the support for VESA mounting, two 2,5″ storage devices and optionally extra USB and serial ports, along with cutouts for external WiFi antennas.     It’s designed for tower or desktop orientation, with the included stands and rubber feet. You are also getting a 50mm fan with 10mm thickness and 3-pin connector in the standard package, located on …

CES, My View

This is one of a series of mini-rants by your faithful correspondent, John Morrison. These are part of a series focusing on issues in the SFF niche. All content is entirely opinion of John, not of, and should not be taken as fact. So, CES has passed, and as usual, there was a myriad of new products, new products, new ideas. We have seen the usual; the ATX plague, the RGB disease, and the random stuff that, maybe, just maybe, should have stayed on the drawing board. While everyone has their own opinions, these are mine! [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″] …

A Byte of Gigabyte at CES

Yep, pun intended. Nope, I’m not sorry. Nearing the end of the final day of CES 2017, Drew Duncan, our reporter on the ground at the show, grabbed these snapshots of the Gigabyte booth. [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″] RGB LEDs! Also, armoured PCIe and RAM slots. I’m waiting for a full armoured board… I am liking the trend towards IO covers, the stacks of ports can be a little ugly in custom builds. [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″] [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″] [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″] [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″] Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone around to give us more information on the Alien-esque Gigabyte PC. [mks_separator …