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CES 2019: CoolerMaster

CoolerMaster was on our rounds of the CES convention today, showcasing many a new keyboard and some news! They now have an in-house PSU development team. They want to be able to compete with EVGA and Corsair in PSU sales. They showcased the design and it looked very clean and professional, something that others will have to strive for provided they use premium components. Again, they were very...


SFFn at techXpo New Zealand!

New Zealand is a tiny little country at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, so it comes as no surprise that we don’t get big tech shows like CES, Computex, PAX and the like. We do get a small show called techXpo though, sponsored by local mega retailer PBTech. I wandered around taking numerous photos, and chatting with the likes of AMD, ASUS, Coolermaster, Ubiquiti and Canon. A quick recap of...


The Stragglers – Coolermaster, Thermaltake and Lian Li

With only one man on the ground this year at CES, we could only cover so much. At the end of the final day of CES, we could only grab quick overviews of a few of the companies we had missed. Let’s go! Cooler Master Continuing Cooler Master’s closed loop cooling, they were keen to show off their Lite 120 and (Regular) 120/140 range. RGB! Yeah. They do look like TRON-like hovercraft...