CES 2019: CoolerMaster

CoolerMaster was on our rounds of the CES convention today, showcasing many a new keyboard and some news!

They now have an in-house PSU development team. They want to be able to compete with EVGA and Corsair in PSU sales.

They showcased the design and it looked very clean and professional, something that others will have to strive for provided they use premium components. Again, they were very clean.

There was no SFF stuff on show, but they showcased the 60% CK620 keyboard, using Cherry MX Low-Profile red switches. They may offer silver once the exclusive ends with Corsair.

The keyboard supports wireless and wired connection. The RGB can be turned off (woo!). The frame is aluminum with chamfered edges. They plan to offer PBT keycaps at a later date. The stock ones are ABS.


Thanks to Coolermaster for inviting us to visit their suite.

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