SFFn at techXpo New Zealand!

New Zealand is a tiny little country at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, so it comes as no surprise that we don’t get big tech shows like CES, Computex, PAX and the like. We do get a small show called techXpo though, sponsored by local mega retailer PBTech. I wandered around taking numerous photos, and chatting with the likes of AMD, ASUS, Coolermaster, Ubiquiti and Canon.

A quick recap of what I learnt;

  • Threadripper smaller than ATX isn’t on anyone’s plans
  • AMD’s Raven Ridge is very close, as is Ryzen mobile
  • ASUS has an AM4 ITX board in the works
  • CoolerMaster had a concept cooler on display
  • Over half the demo systems throughout the event were AMD based

Photo spam time!


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