CES 2019: EVGA

Next up, EVGA. Well known for their graphics cards, let’s see if they have anything SFF on show. With the recent release of the RTX 2060 series, EVGA had a couple of models – the XC and SC – ready for perusal. One thing to note –  both these cards use a, what possibly could be controversial, 2.5 slot design.   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.

CES 2019: Digital Storm

First visit of the day, and what a product! Digital Storm had on display their Micro-STX based Project Spark – now slated for release in Q1 this year! Now featuring a i7-9900K processor and MXM 2080 GPU, it’s a mini powerhouse. Note: the final revision will include a monoblock covering both CPU and GPU – eschewing the notoriously loud MXM cooler. Also of note, the power brick will be upgraded to a 330w unit, or parallel 600w units.   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.

CES 2019: Odds’n’Ends

A quick selection of miscellaneous stuff from around the show!   A quick pop in to In-Win’s display, with a selection of SFF cases and power supplies on display. Do want. That is all. Quantum computing. Dark magic! A close up of the AMD Radeon VII die. HBM!     Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.

CES 2019: Corsair

Corsair, proprietors of peripherals, memory, cooling and even complete systems put on a display for interested press, and interested we were. Let’s dive in and see what they had on display. A better look at the low profile Cherry MX keyswitches that Corsair uses in some of their products. This is the same form factor as CoolerMaster will be using in their new keyboard. This particular keyboard is 21mm thick and its thinnest; And just under 27mm thick at the thickest point. The Corsair One has had a major upgrade, featuring current generation CPUs and GPUs. Yep, that’s ASRock’s Little …

CES 2019: AMD

The SFFn crew (Tim and Joshua and myself) just had to make it to the AMD keynote – here’s what we saw! The Radeon VII is a triple fan card, so not the smallest. However, for the water enthusiasts amongst us, the card has all the IO in a single slot – no more DVI here!   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.

CES 2019: ASRock

I was looking forward to this one. ASRock has been a strong supporter of the SFF world for some time, let’s see what they have on show at CES 2019! AMD DeskMini and M-STX. Sorry, no ETA yet. (Soon please, ASRock!)   One new motherboard of interest – an Intel B365 (yes, B365) chipset M-ITX board.   Thanks to ASRock for inviting us to their suite at CES 2019!   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.

CES 2019: CoolerMaster

CoolerMaster was on our rounds of the CES convention today, showcasing many a new keyboard and some news! They now have an in-house PSU development team. They want to be able to compete with EVGA and Corsair in PSU sales. They showcased the design and it looked very clean and professional, something that others will have to strive for provided they use premium components. Again, they were very clean. There was no SFF stuff on show, but they showcased the 60% CK620 keyboard, using Cherry MX Low-Profile red switches. They may offer silver once the exclusive ends with Corsair. The …

CES 2019: Zotac

First up at CES 2019, we visited Zotac! Well known for their Mini series of cards, as well as some impressively powerful SFF systems, let’s see what they had on display this year. Most of the products shown below will be available Q1 2019. The Magnus range has been updated with the new 2000 series NVIDIA GPUs. This beasty in particular holds within a RTX 2070 8GB GPU. Nice.   The bigger brother. Same GPU, but a faster processor.   And for the pros, a Quadro P5000 + Xeon variant!   The strong silent type, according to Zotac.   The …

An In Depth Review of the Enermax SteelWing

We would like to thank Enermax for providing us with a review sample of their Enermax SteelWing chassis. Without their generosity, this case review would not be possible. Originally announced back in May of last year, Enermax released the Enermax SteelWing chassis in October of 2016 with little-to-no fanfare. In fact, a quick search around the net reveals that this case hasn’t even received a proper review – and it probably doesn’t help that the case isn’t listed on the Enermax USA website, either. However, after meeting with Enermax at CES, we are pleased to have the opportunity to review their entire line of small form …

CES, My View

This is one of a series of mini-rants by your faithful correspondent, John Morrison. These are part of a series focusing on issues in the SFF niche. All content is entirely opinion of John, not of, and should not be taken as fact. So, CES has passed, and as usual, there was a myriad of new products, new products, new ideas. We have seen the usual; the ATX plague, the RGB disease, and the random stuff that, maybe, just maybe, should have stayed on the drawing board. While everyone has their own opinions, these are mine! [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″] …

The fun goes on! Win with SFF Network’s post-CES giveaway

Well, CES 2017 may be officially over, but we loved it so much we’d like the festivities to continue. To this end, we’d like to announce a quick giveaway! Up for grabs are two Reeven CPU coolers that have graced our testbench – the Reeven Steropes and the Reeven Vanxie. [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″] All you need to do to enter is to post in this forum thread with a quick comment as to what your favourite product seen at CES 2017 was, and you’re in the draw to win one of the coolers. [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″] Competition is open to users …