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Project mATX: An interview with Jeffinslaw

Jeffery is a member of a variety of forums (including SFF Forum), and has recently entered the realm of PC case design with ‘Project mATX’ – an enclosure meant to bring the ethos and principals of the acclaimed Compact Splash to the mATX form factor. In contrast to our debut interview with Josh Sniffen of NFC Systems fame, Jeff’s first strike at case design provides an...

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Not From Concentrate: An interview with Josh Sniffen of NFC Systems

Josh Sniffen is the owner of NFC systems, a SFF design firm founded in 2009. With a lineage of products and designs including the NFC ArK and the S Series, Josh has a wealth of experience and knowledge, both as a system building enthusiast and modder, and as a vendor of ultra-portable SFF chassis and systems. Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to speak to Josh about his prior work, as well...