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CES 2019: AMD

The SFFn crew (Tim and Joshua and myself) just had to make it to the AMD keynote – here’s what we saw! The Radeon VII is a triple fan card, so not the smallest. However, for the water enthusiasts amongst us, the card has all the IO in a single slot – no more DVI here!   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.


L1Techs Overviews the Sapphire FS-FP5V, a New Mini-STX Board

As analysed by forum moderator j0rd: Lackluster I/O, 1 USB3, 3 USB 2 Serial header GPIO Traditional front panel header 1 SATA w/ a power breakout 2 M.2 slots, e-key and 1 PCIe / sata Dual realtek 1G NIC’s realtek audio chip 2 SO-DIMM slots Vega 11 GPU 4 core 8 thread CPU 3.8GHz single core turbo Other Ryzen CPU’s will be available ECC RAM supported DDR4 3200 support Quad DisplayPort...

Motherboards Reviews

ASRock’s Fatal1ty X470-ITX/ac – Back to the Future

With the second generation of Ryzen processors on the market, it’s only fitting than a new, upgraded, chipset family is available. With this in mind, today we are looking at ASRock’s first AMD 400 series M-ITX board, the X470 Gaming-ITX/ac. This board is a younger brother to the previously reviewed X370 Gaming-ITX/ac, with a few changes to the layout, as well as the aesthetic...


Udoo at Computex 2018

SFF Network’s COMPUTEX 2018 coverage is sponsored by SilverStone, who’s celebrating 15 years of innovation in SFF and beyond. Click here to check out their website and to learn more about their latest products. The Udoo Bolt, an embedded board currently in the process of a Kickstarter campaign, was on show at Computex 2018! The board features an integrated AMD Ryzen V1000 APU, dual DDR4 support...


AMD’s Vega Nano at Computex 2018

At long last. The Vega Nano, promised last year at AMD’s Capsaicin event, has arrived, albeit not in the form we originally saw. PowerColor, a brand known for their unique take on graphics cards, has taken AMD’s lead and created a production version of the Vega 56 Nano card! At today’s AMD press event, we were treated to an exclusive look at the card, where I held the card on...


ASRock Shares Details of First Foray into Graphics Cards!

With the SFF Network crew on-location at Computex 2018, one of the first booths we’ve visited is that of ASRock, a company we’ve covered and reviewed at length for their work in the realm of motherboards and pre-built systems. Well known for their mITX and (lately) STX boards in particular, ASRock recently announced their intent to expand into GPUs by launching a broad series of AMD...


How STX Changed My View of SFF

This article marks a return to my editorial content – occasional articles entirely based on my personal opinion. These are part of a series focusing on issues in the SFF niche. All content is entirely opinion of myself, not of SmallFormFactor.net, and should not be taken as fact. For years, I was a Micro-ATX SFF stalwart. I never truly believed M-ITX could offer all I needed in a system...


ASRock Reveals Their Hand – A Bunch of AMD GPUs For Your Perusal

Recently, rumours started appearing that industry veteran ASRock was considering a foray into the world of graphics cards. In the last couple of days, all was revealed, with ASRock’s Phantom Gaming GPU lineup hitting headlines. With RX550, 560, 570 and 580 product lines, it seems ASRock is working closely with AMD on the new lineup. (We won’t get into the NVIDIA GPP shenanigans here)...


Raven Ridge HDMI 2.0 Compatibility – Forum Members to the Rescue!

Our community forum is a fantastic place, with our users banding together to help out those of us who need assistance on various SFF related topics. Recently, user Hifihedgehog started a thread surrounding unofficial support of HDMI 2.0 with AMD’s new Raven Ridge APU platform. Whilst manufacturer specs have been vague on the situation, Hifihedgehog set out to find out exactly which...


Raven Ridge Review Roundup

(Alliteration!!) Forum member Legion spent some time finding a sizeable bunch of reviews of the new AMD Raven Ridge platform. So, here’s a few of them for your perusal in lieu of our review (coming… eventually!) Anandtech:  Hexus:  Toms Hardware:  Techpowerup:  And a video review: Thoughts? More links and videos in the thread here.