Retro Relook: Phil’s Computer Lab Tackles Thin Client Retro PC Gaming!

I admit, I’m a sucker for retro PC gaming. I have 11 retro machines, but I pale in comparison to Phil who’s lab is just bristling with glorious retro awesomeness. BEHOLD THE 1980S and 1990S! Dawn your Hypercolor shirt. Dance in those Hammer Pants. Squeeze that Squeeze It! Settle in for the Disney Afternoon!

For this Retro Relook we see Phil transforming old Thin Client machines into retro awesomeness. Modifications include sound cards, processor adjustments, and even adding Voodoo graphics. Now I’m tempted to add a twelfth system…

First up is a Thin  Client that had a surprise expansion slot! Behold the power of PCI!


Want a bit more power? Behold the HPT610 with built-in Radeon graphics, Dual Core Athlon T56N, and an PCI-e expansion slot! Return to Castle Wolfenstein? No problem. Quake III? Easy. If it works on Windows XP, it works.



Too rich for your blood? How about $9 for a machine that can run classic DOS games in glorious PC speaker? Better yet, you can add an external OPL3 device for ADLIB sound!



Want to add a Voodoo card or TNT2 PCI? Check this setup.



Dedicated to DOS? Phil has your back…



Finally, do you want to strap a legendary Voodoo2 to the side of the machine like Han Solo modding the Millennium Falcon? Check out this awesome mod!