Follow, Like, Subscribe, Stalk…

In this age of social media, we would be remiss to shelter ourselves in the warm comfort of a community forum, all alone with nobody on the outside to indulge with. Indeed, the world has gone positively social – social media that is! So, now we have, too.

(…or rather, we did early on, but hey, self promotion is fun!)


We’re on Facebook! Find us by clicking the Facebook logo above. Share your SFF PC with us, comment on news posts, and more.


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Forum member @jtrias21 runs our Instagram presence, and is doing a fine job of it. Follow @sffpc for beautiful images of SFF systems and components, right in your feed.


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Follow @SFF_Network on Twitter to see us be twits? (sorry, but not sorry..) Better yet, check in on our feed to see all the latests posts on our website.


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And of course, we couldn’t not mention the forum! While considered by some to be an archaic communication method, it’s our most active (and preferred) medium, and a vibrant one at that! Sign up today and join the fun.