Zotac Magnus ONE First Impressions

Image Credit – Revenant

Zotac was kind enough to send us one of their Magnus One SFF PCs for review. Normally, I prefer to delve directly into the review of a system. However, for the Zotac Magnus ONE we had a slight delay due to deciding to add a Zotac Magnus EN1070 for comparison. A brief look at the very basics of specs:


Magnus ONE:

  • Intel i7-10700
  • RTX 3070
  • 32GB of DDR4-SODIMM (note that the system sells with 16GB, but we require 32GB for our testing).
  • 512GB NVME SSD
  • 1TB HD
  • 500 Watt Platinum PSU


Image Credit – Revenant


My first impressions of the Magnus One are extremely positive. The design, build materials, and engineering are excellent. It feels like a quality product in the hands, and is built like a small tank. A lot of thought and effort was placed into this design, which seems to take to heart a lot of what the SFF world has learned over the last decade. The two fans on the top of the case were well placed to exhaust heat, while the side panels were well ventilated for air flow. The sandwich design allows for a rather large-for-SFF RTX 3070 GPU, and every part is user serviceable.


Image Credit – Revenant

As I mentioned above, we’re directly comparing it to it’s older sibling, the Magnus EN1070, and while I’ll save the long list of benchmarks and charts for the review, I will say that the Magnus One wipes the floor with the venerable older unit.

Our review should be coming out this weekend barring any unforeseen events. In the meantime, Zotac is giving away a Zotac Magnus One (and several GPUs) in celebration of their new Dark Matter editions. These designs use black paint that absorbs 99.4% of all the light that hits it. You can check out the contest by clicking HERE.