TLDR NEWS: When You Don’t Have Time to Read It…

Welcome to TLDR News. Here I’m going to pick a few stories from around the computing world that might impact my fellow SFF users, and just write the TLDR for them. The original story link is next to the TLDR blerb…


  • Microsoft is adding a few 7th gen X-Series and Xeon W-Series CPUs to Windows 11 compatibility. Zen 1 is still out of luck. They also released new software to check for compatibility.  Story Link – Tom’s Hardware


  • Western Digital settled a lawsuit pertaining to their unlisted use of SMR hard drives for $2.7 million. It was class action, and if you are eligible you might get a few dollars from it. Story Link – Tom’s Hardware


  • Best Buy restocked 17,000 RTX 30 series GPUs and people still had to wait all night outside a store to get a chance to buy one. At least they were at MSRP. Story Link – Tom’s Hardware


  • AMD will be incorporating on-chip graphics into its next-generation Ryzen CPUs. These will likely be chiplet style instead of directly on the die. Story Link – Videocardz


  • The EU is going to formally probe the Nvidia – ARM merger. This is expected as the UK and US will do so as well. Story Link – Ars Technica


  • Crucial and Western Digital have been caught swapping TLC NAND for QLC NAND in their consumer SSDs. Samsung was caught as well, but at least changed the part number. Performance and endurance basically tanked… Story Link – Ars Technica



  • TSMC is raising prices on chip wafers. The exact amount is unknown but it looks like 10 to 20 percent. Expect to pay more for things that use it. Story Link – ExtremeTech