Review Roundup: MSI Spatium M480 and M470 NVME M.2 Gen4 SSD

Reviews have dropped for the PCIe Gen4 MSI Spatium M480 and M470 M.2 SSDs, and reviewers have given it their endorsement. The drives features Phison E18 and E16 controllers respectively, and are rated for speeds of 7,000MB/s for the M480, and 5,000MB/s for the M470. Both drives use TLC memory, and the M480 comes with a bronze heatsink that immediately made me want to do a Steam Punk based build. Heat was a concern for the 470 where some minor throttling was observed, but performance was still very good with most reviews putting the performance on par or above the Samsung 980 Pro.



Amazon is currently charging $199 for the 1TB M470, and $229 for the 1TB M480.

Check out the reviews below:

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