TEAMGROUP Launches SSD Aimed at The Playstation 5

TEAMGROUP has launched a new series of SSD’s designed for the PS5. Called the T-Force Carde A440 Pro Special Series for the PS5 (A440Pro PS5 for short from this point forward), the drive features claimed read and write speeds of 7,400 and 7,000 MB/s. TEAMGROUP’s internal testing claims to have achieved a real world of 6,600 MB/s in an actual PS5.

While the top of the drive looks like a sticker, TEAMGROUP claims there is an ultra thin 3.7mm tall white graphene heatsink.

The SSD carries a five year warranty, and its estimated release is late October 2021. The 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB models have a USD MSRP of $189, $359, and $899.

The PS5 is the first console with an user user serviceable NVME SSD M.2 slot, and is basically a SFF gaming device. As the console itself comes with with only about 667GB of available space from its internal 825GB drive, users have been clamoring for upgrades. TEAMGROUP is the latest manufacture to design around the consoles cooling and height requirements.

You can get more information with this LINK.