The Stragglers – Coolermaster, Thermaltake and Lian Li

With only one man on the ground this year at CES, we could only cover so much. At the end of the final day of CES, we could only grab quick overviews of a few of the companies we had missed. Let’s go!

Cooler Master

Continuing Cooler Master’s closed loop cooling, they were keen to show off their Lite 120 and (Regular) 120/140 range.

RGB! Yeah. They do look like TRON-like hovercraft though!

Drew at it again with the Mitutoyos.

Detailed measurements of the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Maker 92.

I personally still don’t get how this is a better option than heatpipes and fins. Each to their own though!

In detail. It appears the pump is in the radiator.. Hmmm… Ideas!


Not much by way of SFF was present at the Thermaltake booth.

The rig to the far left is unicorn powered.

Of more interest to us is the Engine 27, and now the Engine 37. The new cooler, as the name suggests, is taller. 10mm taller to be exact.

While not quite to the original Sandia design, the cooler does offer another option in the CPU cooling market.


Cool buddies.

Here’s the real exciting bit – the base of the Engine 37 is a solid block of copper. It seems Thermaltake is targeting high performance SFF with this model.

Thermaltake’s new logo is very clean and modern, leading to a subtle product design, very unlike the previous generation.

Lian Li

SFX PSU type. This is what we want to see. It’s a shame the case isn’t SFF though (coming in at 28-29 litres)

Tempered glass. The RGB of 2017? Or the bane of shipping company insurance departments?

Another 28-29L monster.

This is more like it!

The PE-750, reviewed here.

The PE-550, reviewed here.

Do you have a new motherboard with the fancy USB 3.1 header? Lian-Li has your solution!

So that’s CES pretty much covered. We have a few articles to come and a podcast in a few hours. How has the event been for you? Let us know in the forum.