Sliger Shows Trego EATX SFF Console Case Concept

Image Credit – Sliger


Sliger is known for making some of the best SFF cases on the market. Now they’re using their expertise to bring SFF to EATX motherboards. The Sliger TREGO concept is a console style case that will support an EATX motherboard, full size GPU, ATX PSUs, and 360mm AIOs. It can be mounted vertically, or horizontally, and also has an option for the carrying handle that Sliger has become we famous for.

Here are the specs so far:


Personally, one of the elements I really like about the design of this case is that the PSU can exhaust directly into an exhaust fan. PSU exhaust can get incredibly hot, and many internal PSU designs either exhaust into the case, or use an AIO set for exhaust as a way to remove the heat. This setup resolves the issue but immediately extracting the heat from the case, which can make a substantial difference to the noise and thermal management in a SFF case.

You can check out the pics from Sliger’s Imgur gallery by CLICKING HERE.