SilverStone Launches Shark Force 160mm ARGB PWM Fan with 140mm Mounting Holes

Image Credit – SilverStone


SilverStone is launching a new 160mm fan with 140mm mounting holes. The Shark Force 160 ARGB is a 1600 RPM design with a fluid dynamic bearing motor rated for 7.2 watts at 0.6 amps. (+ 2.15 watts and + 0.43 amps for the RGB lighting). It uses polycarbonate blades with a shark skin inspired pattern on them that SilverStone claims improves airflow and noise level. It also has a cool shark logo. Max airflow is rated at 160 CFM at a claimed 38.1 dBA. Static pressure is rated at 2.21 mmH20. The ARGB support uses an industry standard 4-1 pin.

All good stuff but lets look at something I really like to see; modular fan cables.

Thank you SilverStone. Modular fan cable options are something that the industry has needed more of for a long time. Cable outing, aesthetics, and quality can all be improved with this.

As for the fan design itself, it seems to be a more pressure oriented than the hybrid style that has taken over the industry. The 2.21mm H20 pressure rating is on the higher side for 140mm fans in the 1500 to 1600 RPM range, making it a good choice for radiators. For comparison, the Noctua NF-A14 PWM provides 2.08 mm H20 at 1500 RPM, and the Cooler Master Masterfan MF140 Halo ARGB 140mm fan produces 1.17 mmH20.

Check out the SilverStone SharkForce 160mm fan by CLICKING HERE.