Nvidia launches the GTX 950

Today Nvidia is launching the GTX 950, a new mid-range card aimed at the $150 market. While cards like the GTX 980Ti and Fury X grab headlines, this more affordable price bracket is much larger in terms of sales volume and as such is an important launch for Nvidia, considering their previous offering, the 750Ti, is now almost a year and a half old. The GTX 950 uses a slightly cut-down version of GM206, the chip used in the GTX 960, and as such features performance between the 750Ti and 960.

For now we’re not seeing any of the AIB partners doing anything particularly interesting with form factor. Several of the launch cards use a relatively short PCB (~170mm) but no single-slot or low-profile cards to be found. Power consumption ranges from 100W to 145W according to TechPowerUp, depending on how aggressive of an overclock the manufacturer is using. So it’s not a game changer in terms of performance/watt like its predecessor, the 750Ti.

This is a hard launch with cards in stock on Newegg from $160-$180 depending on model.

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