MSI Nightblade and Trident – CES 2017

MSI only had a couple of SFF products on display at CES, but what they did have, was very interesting. Bringing along their Nightblade MI3 and Trident3 systems to show everyone. Both systems are based on Kaby Lake i7 processors, and are both targeted at VR gaming.

The Nightblade MI3 spec list. RGB goodness here, as well as a front HDMI port for VR readyness.

The Nightblade MI3 in the flesh. On the bigger end of the spectrum, but still relatively small.


Much more our style, the Trident3 is a proper SFF rig, coming in at 4.72 litres! The specs are similar to the Nightblade above.

A very console-esque design, the Trident is a very small chassis with great cooling.

Front ports ready for your VR headset.


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