Lian Li is on a Boat

First up, apologies for the ancient pop culture reference in the title.

Lian-Li tends to produce a wacky product every few years. A while back, the the PC-CK101 puffed on to the scene, a train themed M-ITX chassis that had many of us scratching our heads in confusion.

We’ve only just caught wind of this interesting enclosure that continues the trend, an all-aluminium yacht-like design, the PC-Y6. The design is certain to make waves, and while this case is rather large (58 litres based on box dimensions), it is very unique, and it should be able to sail into history as another amazing tech demo from the company. This will certainly anchor Lian Li’s place in the desktop enclosure landscape.

The design features support for a M-ITX motherboard, a SFX power supply, 2x 3.5″ hdds, 2x 2.5″ drives and a 300mm long GPU. CPU cooler maximum height is 60mm.

The case includes RGB lighting, controlled by a panel on the transom. Unfortunately the colour is an overall choice, you can’t set up red lighting on port and green on starboard to comply with boating convention.

The GPU is located under the motherboard in the hull and is connected by a long flexible riser.

Keep in mind though – unlike the Lian Li train which came with tracks and could be set up to travel along them, the PC-Y6 does not appear to be able to float. Maybe that’s what happened to PC-Y1 to Y5 – the sea trials didn’t go to plan.

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