Intel Reportedly Readying Xeon Gold Processor Line

In what could be seen as a ‘throw enough stuff at the wall and hope something sticks’ reaction to AMD’s Ryzen (which also may explain the i3-7350K), TechPowerup is reporting (based on a Canard PC tweet, which is known to be a reputable source) that Intel is readying a new line of processors aimed at creative professional workstations. The new Xeon Gold processors will be based on the Skylake-EP architecture, and seemingly is targeted at those who desire server ‘reliability’ in their workstations.

TechPowerup reports the first of these processors will be the Xeon Gold 6150, a 18 core, 36 thread (!!) SKU, with 1MB L2 cache per core (up from 256k on the other Skylake SKUs). The shared L3 cache will be 24.75MB, which is definitely sizeable. The 6150 will run at a base clock of 2.70GHz, with boost up to 3.70 GHz. Being a HEDT platform, the Xeon Gold SKUs will of course feature a quad channel DDR4 interface, and is clearly a top-end model, at least for now.

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