Inno3D Reveals Single Slot GTX1050

Hot on the heels of some low profile and single slot GT1030s from MSI and Gigabyte, Inno3D has gone one better – a single slot GTX1050!

Inno3D has specc’d the card with a base clock of 1290MHz, with boost to 1392 MHz. 4GB of GDDR5, running at 7Gbps effective speed, connect to the GPU’s 768 CUDA cores on a 128bit bus for 168.2 GB/s bandwidth, which is pretty par for the course nowadays.

The card is 211mm long, and 99.8mm height, but the party piece here is the cooler.. single slot! I hope Inno3D brings this card to the western market, as we rarely see this brand outside of Asia. More info on the card can be found here.


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