Gamer’s Nexus Performs Insanely Detailed Teardown of the Steam Deck

Gamer’s Nexus has just performed the most detailed teardown of a product I’ve seen that didn’t involve a government agency trying to “piece together what happened”. In this case, it’s Valve’s Steam Deck portable gaming PC. In two parts, GN goes into how the Steam Deck is built, tests the cooling performance, and even gets technical enough to invoke Bernoulli’s principle and Bernoulli’s equation in fluid dynamics.

Ok. Everyone. Everyone… Please have a seat. This is Elementary Fluid Dynamics 103. Make sure you’re in the right class, and that you picked up a syllabus from the front table. What’s that? No, this isn’t Elementary Education Introduction, that’s down the hall. No, no. Don’t worry about it. It happens often.  Office hours are on Monday from 1PM to 3PM, and you will be expected to complete numerous homework projects. Huh? No, there is no curve.What? Say again? I’m aware that Anderson’s Modern Compressible Flow is out of stock at the bookstore. They should have a restock next week. We’ll work around that. You’re joking, right? Of course the final isn’t optional. 

Anyway, here are Gamer’s Nexus tear down videos.