EVGA K|NGP|N Edition GTX 980 Ti teased

Normally, I’ve been quick to dismiss EVGA’s K|NGP|N editions of flagship graphics as little more than overpriced hardware, complete with frivolous features and stats-happy marketing buzz to match. After all, most of the features provided by these cards are, plainly put, total overkill for the vast majority of system builders, only becoming useful in exotic scenarios like LN2 cooling. (The fact that these cards have tended to look pretty boring doesn’t help much, either.)

I have to change my tune, though, and make an exception for the recently revealed K|NGP|N GTX 980 Ti, if not for one simple reason: It’s gorgeous.


Of course, as has been the case with previous K|NGP|N cards, we can immediately see many of the aforementioned overkill features, from beefier VRM circuitry, to four 4-pin headers, to an additional 8-pin PCI power connector. But what’s immediately striking about this card, even to system builders uninterested in overclocking, is that wonderful and brilliant heatsink, replete with thick heatpipes and all-copper fins. With a thin open shroud and oversized fans on top, the contrast of the shiny metal and the matte black exterior is undeniably alluring, and makes for a tasteful departure not only from other non-reference coolers, but from previous K|NGP|N designs as well.

We’re still waiting on details for the card – all we have so far are images shared by K|NGP|N himself – but I suspect that most people who’d want such a card are already eager to purchase. For those who have the space, and can afford the splurge, this flagship may be worth grabbing for the aesthetics alone.

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