Digital Foundry Reviews Steam Deck

The pixel counting experts of Digital Foundry have finally released their review of Valve’s Steam Deck, and they are impressed. Their testing revealed that the SteamDeck can come very close to matching the original PS4 quality level at 720P resolution. That translates to console style settings, at 30FPs, at a 720P resolution. This is substantially faster than the Vega 8 GPUs in the 4000 series of portable Ryzen CPUs.

Downsides included a screen that was lacking adaptive refresh rate, and was merely decent in color reproduction. Valve does include a OS level 30FPS and VSYNC lock to assist with this. Additionally, there are numerous upscaling options. Aside from the screen issues, Digital Foundry found that the fan noise was high pitched and can be intrusive.

Check out the Digital Foundry review below.