Densium Shows Prototype of 4L Case with Wood Front Panel

Photo Credit – Densium

Densium has shown a new prototype to their upcoming 4L case. The case features a sandwich style design with an under-mounted Flex-ATX PSU. The front panel is a single piece of 5mm thick waxed rosewood. While we often see wood used on the top panels of cases, designers rarely use them on front panels. In this instance, the wood can be removed and custom drilled without damaging the mounting. This could allow for some very creative designs for the wood workers, carpenters, and craftsmen of the SFF world.

Photo Credit – Densium

The specs of the case are as follows per the post on SFFN:

Case Specs (V1)

  • 4 liters in volume
  • Height 222mm
  • Width 98mm
  • Depth 183mm
  • 1.2mm powder coated steel
  • 5mm waxed Rosewood front panel.
  • Acetal (PCIe bracket mount, and glued to front panel for screwing into front panel.)
  • White illuminated power button.

Hardware Compatibility:

  • 39mm CPU Cooler height
  • ITX GPU (175mm)
  • Flex-ATX power supply (Mounted below motherboard)
  • 2.5inch 7mm thick SSD will fit snugly between side panel and PSU on CPU side.
  • 185mm ADT-Link riser cable.
  • Ram Clearance approx. 45mm
  • ITX Motherboards only.

Photo Credit – Densium

Photo Credit – Densium

If you want to see the case on your own desk, Densium has created an AR version that you can view on your phone. CLICK HERE to see it.

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