Deepcool’s CES Display

Another cool (…hehe!) company to grace CES’s floor this year is Deepcool. Showing off some RGB (of course), some frameless fans and some watercooling, much was to be had at their booth.

X marks the spot. Aluminium framed RGB fans!

A closer look. An interesting design that we’d love to have a closer look at.

A close up – vibration dampening corner mounts.

A very unique design, I wonder how restrictive it is.

Frameless – Deepcool has designed this fan to have higher static pressure than normal fans.

The fans can run between 500 and 2200 RPM.

5 pin? What? I’m figuring one pin is for RGB control.

A really creative design.

More RGBness, this time in the pump-block part of their Captain cooling system.

Captain 120EX RGB. Also available as a 240 model. Available from March.

Flow meter built into one of Deepcool’s cases.

Braided tubes, adds a different feel to your cooling from the usual rubber hoses.

New from Deepcool – wireless ATX power! (just kidding)

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