Corsair at Computex 2018

Corsair, maker of the popular “One” SFF system, had a private suite on show at Computex 2018, much like last year. This meant that the viewing of the products on show was a more intimate affair, albeit overshadowed by Corsair’s love for larger form factor cases. The big news for us SFF’rs this year (albeit beaten at the last moment by Silverstone) was the Corsair SF600 Platinum SFX Modular power supply.

Let’s have a look!

This new power supply is an update to the original Gold rated SF600 – which James reviewed here. Upon first glance, only minor component changes have been made – and this could just be due to availability of supply. The original SF600 was very close to Platinum spec as is – newer, more efficient logic, components and control firmware would be enough to tip it over to the now Platinum rating.

The power ratings are the same as the previous generation product.



Good news, or bad news, depending on your views – the same fan is present as in the previous generation.

On to new stuff – Corsair’s new iCue software – which will be replacing/combining Corsair’s Link and Corsair’s CUE software. Early tests are mixed from my personal experience – time will tell if this new software solution offers an improved experience for those who desire RGB, or at the very least, some lighting control of Corsair’s product line.

New Vengeance Pro RAM, including individually addressable RGB LEDs. Oh, and up to 4000 MHz…!



Display units!

This is more like it, Corsair. A SFF system on a desk, with wireless keyboard and mouse. Simple, clean.

New headsets! Bluetooth headphones with a more premium feel, long battery life and decent sound quality.

And the existing range.



And some RGB on display, who would have guessed?

Corsair’s LL series RGB fans, with LEDs in the frame and the hub, enabling some interesting effects, if you’re into that kind of thing.

The ML Pro series also features frame and hub LEDs, albeit in a different design.

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