A Byte of Gigabyte at CES

Yep, pun intended. Nope, I’m not sorry. Nearing the end of the final day of CES 2017, Drew Duncan, our reporter on the ground at the show, grabbed these snapshots of the Gigabyte booth.

RGB LEDs! Also, armoured PCIe and RAM slots. I’m waiting for a full armoured board… I am liking the trend towards IO covers, the stacks of ports can be a little ugly in custom builds.

Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone around to give us more information on the Alien-esque Gigabyte PC.


BRIX, Gigabyte’s NUC style systems, have continued to be a solid product range for Gigabyte. This one is a last gen unit, with 6th Gen Intel Core and a GTX 950.


This one is new though. Apollo Lake is the Atom of the Kaby Lake generation. I really like the fanless design of this one.


Back to the BRIX, This fanless unit is a higher end model, with a full fat Kaby Lake CPU inside.

Mitutoyo calipers for scale. Because banana for scale is so 2016.

NUC style systems still exist!

Front panel USB Type C, as well as USB 3.1. Finally, modern connectivity on the front of systems!

M-STX, that form factor that is smaller than M-ITX, but not by much. Gigabyte sees a use case for the form factor (and so do we), and have a few products in the lineup.

Renders! We all love renders.

Serial port, check. Must be a design for industry Рbecause replacing a 5 or 6 figure machine just to get USB is kinda silly.

Bear Ridge is a custom form factor, designed for IoT. Measuring 135x101mm, this is smaller than M-STX, but aimed at a different market segment.

Introducing SFF? We’re well aware of SFF here guys! Come on in, we have a few things to show you.

This product is interesting, a very slim unit with what appears to be 4 mini DP ports on the front.

At only 30.42 (yes, two decimal places) thick, this thing is tiny!

A full complement of rear ports, minus display ports. Those are on the front. Weird huh? I’m guessing this product is for digital signage, but it offers a unique form factor!

The GA-Z270N-Gaming 5, or as I’m calling it, a Phoenix in all but name. This board has the standard orange colouration of Gigabyte’s beloved orange and black board, but with current generation chipsets.

Using all of the space available. Love it.

This connector, I have no idea about. Any ideas folks?

Shielded rear I/O. Looks like either plastic or steel. Hoping for steel, but Drew says it’s probably plastic. Oh well.

So, care to enlighten me or share your views on these products? See you in the forum.