BIOSTAR at Computex 2018

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BIOSTAR, rather the underdog in the Western PC components market, didn’t have much of interest to us SFF’rs this year, so we just shot through the booth, grabbing a couple of quick snaps. Here goes!

BIOSTAR’s Racing NUC-a-like was on display. This little box features about the same processor, RAM and storage as my $200 laptop. Eep!

All joking aside, this little racer has some OK specs, albeit with MSRP unknown.

A reference RX580?

But of course. I had more photos of GPUs here, but my camera is dying a slow, miserable death.

Updating from the X370GTN I tested late last year, here comes the BIOSTAR Racing X470GTN.

Which is the same board but with the chipset swapped out.

Racing thoughts? Zoom over to the forum.