MSI at Computex 2018

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Rushing through the halls of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre between meetings, we discovered MSI had their products on show, as expected. Let’s see what they had to show us!

First up, MSI’s Z370i Gaming Pro Carbon AC (can we suggest a word limit to product names? Please?). This Coffee Lake board features the usual assortment of ports, but in MSI’s own style.

We do appreciate the more subtle board designs of this generation! The G4M3R aesthetic of old had become quit tiresome.

Featuring MSI’s Spring Cooling system! Sproing.

Stepping down a level, the B360 variant of their motherboard features a reduced featureset, albeit at an expected lower price.

Of course, MSI’s Mystic Light RGB lighting controller must be present.


Into the world of M-ATX, it’s great to see some solid products available in this form factor again, and not just from MSI. This moderately featured X299 M-ATX board was on show.

A fairly dense rear IO pleases me.

Down the ladder into more affordable options, the B360 chipset has also been applied to lesser specc’d motherboards, such as this unit.

All the way down at H310, the lower end of the market is catered for by MSI.

Boom! MSI’s Bazooka line has been updated to the 300 series chipset. Whilst the compliment of PCIe slots is very disappointing for a higher end M-ATX board, the rest of the boards features seems to befit such a product segment.

Budget M-ITX, but of course.



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