Akasa Lists Eight New Fanless SFF NUC and APU Cases

Akasa has listed eight new and revised fanless SFF APU cases on their website. The cases rang from as little as 1.4L for NUC style units, to 2.67 L for vertical tower style. All of the cases are custom designed to use passive, fanless cooling. As such, they do not specify external GPUs, and have specific compatibility limits.


Turing TN

  • The Turing TN is designed for a 28W TDP and Intel’s Tiger Canyon based NUCS. It sports a 2.5 inch HDD/SSD slot, and includes Internal M.2 heatsinks. Akasa has positioned is an ideal silent HTPC case, and it can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Akasa TN – Photo Credit – Akasa Website


Turing A50

  • The Turing A50 is nearly identical in design to the Turing TN. However it uses the Asus PN50 at it’s core for AMD Ryzen 4000 series APUs, with up to Vega 7 graphics.

Akasa Turing A50 – Photo Credit – Akasa Website


Turing A50 MKII


  • Again, this 2.67L case is almost identical to the A50, but now supports both the Asus PN50 core, and the PN51 core. This brings support for Ryzen 5000 series APUs. Additionally, it has a front mounted SD Card slot.

Turing A50 MKII in horizontal position – Photo Credit Akasa Website


Plato TN

  • Akasa is also aiming at the industrial and commercial case market with their Plato series of cases. Plato cases are designed to be only 38.5mm tall, while also continuing to be fanless. The Plato series supports Kensington locks, antenna routing, and VESA mounting. The TN model supports Intel Tiger Canyon NUC Boards.

Akasa Plato TN – Image Credit – Akasa Website


Plato NE

  • The Plato NE is slightly smaller than the Plato TN, and supports Intel NUC 8 and NUC 11 units. It features a 1U low profile design, and Akasa is suggesting it for digital signage, security, and point of sale applications.

Akasa Plato NE -Image Credit – Akasa website


Newton NE

  • The Newton line is the smallest of the new offerings. The NE model is designed for Nuc 11 and 8 compute elements using U series designs, and comes in at just 1.4L in volume. Again, Akasa is positioning the NE for point of sale, security, and signage.

Akasa Newton NE – Photo Credit – Akasa Website


Newton TN

  • The Newton TN is a compact VESA mountable case that has been verified by Intel to support 24/7 operation for industrial applications such as robotic assembly lines. It includes support for a 2.5 inch drive, as well as numerous Tiger Canyon NUC runing up to I7s.

Akasa TN – Photo Credit – Akasa Website

Newton CTN

  • The final case is the smallest at only 1.06 cubic liters in volume. The CTN features support for just three i3 Tiger Canyon NUC boards, but is still passively cooled, and supports numerous USB ports. Akasa is positioning the CTN as a small travel office PC or for a clean desktop.

Akasa CTN – Photo Credit – Akasa website


You can visit the Akasa website by clicking this link.