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Jul 17, 2018
Enjoy the quality of this World Cup to the Max peoples. Next WC is going to be entirely different, with weather & playing conditions making a major impact on all participants.

We saw in Russia some games where play was stopped for drinks. In Qatar, even the water is hot to drink. Would like to see the progress of improving playing conditions & those of watching fans.
Any thoughts?
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Jan 25, 2018
I just looked up the hourly temp of Doha in July and it seems that the temp after sunrise and before sunset is high while temp after sunset is more tolerable. So, maybe they will hold more matches after sunset (say, after 6-7pm)? But it is good that the humidity is relatively low, giving the players a break.

I also googled the stadiums and many of them appears to have more surrounding facade and roof covering than usual. Perhaps this is part of the design to shield the max amount of sun away. And, the orientation of the stadium might also be aligned in a way to avoid direct sun light from the sun path as much as possible.
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