Where to get 645LT

Discussion in 'DAN Cases' started by Xaviergzz, Apr 17, 2019 at 1:06 PM.

  1. Xaviergzz

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    Has anyone had luck buying a 645LT? I cant seem to find them anywhere, other than ebay for $299.
  2. genesis

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    I would suggest placing a order on Overclockers UK here:

    I think AseDen said in the thread 'Performace teaser..........' that this would NOT be a limited run/batch.

    It should therefore be sent asap it is in stock.

    I got mine sent from Overclockers UK the day after I placed the order. The stock status flipped from 'All option available' to 'pre-order' depending on something I did dunno. Your best bet is to place an order an see if it is sent shortly.
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  3. botlebruiser

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    Is this for the "Ocutek" cooler instead of the "Asetek 645LT"? I can't find any info on the brand.
  4. J-R

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    different name but the same item, mine will arrive on Tuesday.
  5. Xaviergzz

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    Thanks! I ordered one for my soon to arrive A4-SFX!
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  6. botlebruiser

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    I ordered mine today. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't realize this was the 645LT. I thought it was something different until I paid attention. I also ordered the Asetek premium retention bracket.