New Subforum, and Help Wanted

Hey folks!

A small update this time, but important as always. We're going live with a 'new' subsection of the forum - SFFn Recommends. To quote @PlayfulPhoenix "SFFn Recommends is an ongoing project by the editorial staff of SFF Network, whereby our staff makes product recommendations on an ongoing basis, and in a number of distinct categories. For each of these, we create a thread where the OP is our pick, and the subsequent posts act as a place for the community to discuss our reviews."

This is a new/old section, which was live briefly, some time ago, but fell by the wayside as other tasks took our time and energy.

Related to the time/energy bit, we've opened expressions of interest for writing staff. This is a great way to help our community, whilst padding out your resume/portfolio. See here for more!