We would like to thank Scythe for providing us with a review sample of their Big Shuriken 3 heatsink. Without their generosity, this review would not be possible.
Scythe, the heavy hitting underdog of the HSF world, has once again hit us with another surprise entry into the SFF market with their Big Shuriken 3. At just 70mm tall, it will be interesting to see how this cooler compares to the competition.
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The packaging looks exactly like we have come to expect from Scythe. There is not much else that can be said besides it doing a adequate job to protect the internal contents...

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Jan 20, 2018
Thanks for the informative review! Looks like a very attractive heatsink. A few questions: what's the difference in rpm between the 15mm and 25mm Scythe fans? The photos are a bit too small for me to read clearly, but it looks like the ratings are 1800rpm vs. 1200rpm, and that the CFM ratings are within about 1 from each other. That would certainly explain the very small performance difference, but also begs the question of noise difference between the two. Also, is the NF-A12 in your review the NF-A12x25? If so, I'm really surprised it doesn't boost performance given that that's a 2000rpm fan ...

One last niggle: the methodology in the review could benefit from some more details. How do you stress the CPU, and were fan speeds automatic or set to 100%?


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Jun 4, 2019
IMO something doesn't seem right with these results. BS3 should be beating the L12.

This review has the BS3 4 degrees cooler than BS2:

Then compared with Louqes testing which has the BS2 2 degrees cooler than the L12:

This should make the Big Shuriken 3 around 5 degrees cooler than the L12 give or take.

Are you sure testing in Hadron which has next to no passive air ventilation has not skewed the result? That's an old case with notoriously bad thermals.
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