SFF Network Scythe Updates a Legend - the Big Shuriken 3 CPU Cooler Launched

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    The Scythe Big Shuriken 2B has been a highly recommended CPU cooler for those seeking high performance CPU cooling in a SFF rig for some time. As time went on though, new coolers dominated the market, leaving the Big Shuriken to nostalgia status in many use cases.

    Scythe has been working on an update behind the scenes, and a long awaited one. Finally, AM4 support, a redesigned fan (hopefully with a better motor design.. no more melty motors). However, the upgrades have come at a cost - the former model measured in at 58 mm tall, and the revision 3 is a "hefty" 69 mm tall with the 15mm thick fan. Oof - that 11 mm is a lot. Time will tell if this sacrifice is worth it - we await reviews.

    Read the press release here.
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    Looking forward to a cooling shootout between this and the Noctua NH-L12s
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    I literally have scars from their Ninja heatsink.
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    Anyone by crazy chance made a block like reference model to see if it will interfere with vrm heatsinks or ram (that are bare sticks)
    looking at one of these but the offset design will mess up my exhaust fan setup and if i can spin it around so the notch is over the ram I'm worried it wont have clearance.
    using gskills nt series bare ram sticks currently as other sticks seamed huge with all the stuff on them.

    if someone could toss together a printable simple dummy that has a way to put your choice of fan that be awesome.
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    If I had one to measure I could make an accurate model, but I don't.