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Aug 18, 2020
Hi there,

I've been rocking a v6.0 for about a year, but the fixing for the side panel on one side has always been a bit spongy ( for demonstration). It's only on one side, at the front.

I tried flipping the panel clip upside down, to see if it would fix it, but unfortunately it did not.

Does anyone have any idea of how to ensure it stays more flush with the side of the internal case?



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Jan 17, 2021
It just so happens I had noticed mine was doing that a few weeks ago as I was installing a Noctua 120*15mm fan to my new 6.1 case I got in January.

I couldn't figure out why the right side panel was not flush at the top front and a bit spongy, still stumped as to why tbh...

But litterally today, I set the panel in normally and did this: slide the panel upwards slightly while applying slight pressure on the top edge and it came flush with the front panel. Of course the panel was about 1mm slightly higher than the top panel at this point, but I simply slid it back down flush to the edge from the top and it was sitting flush and firm every where...

I feel as though the ball pin at the top front on the panel doesn't catch properly on the plastic anchor...maybe the anchor is misaligned, not really sure. It was fitting perfectly, so I didn't look and further. But I will look at it closer tomorrow.

Hope my suggestion helps! 😊
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