GPU [Speculation] Will we get a GTX 1170?


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Feb 23, 2017
So it's no secret that the consumer response to the RTX series cards has been less enthusiastic than Nvidea was hoping. Especially compared to the response to the GTX 900 and 1000 series cards, which are STILL seen as seriously high-end options. I still see the 970 highly recommended for bang-for-your-buck gaming, and it genuinely is a good option. Most gamers who have any reason at all to think about money are mostly benefitting from the RTX cards purely in that the GTX 1000 cards are cheaper now.

So with rumors abound about the GTX 1160 on its way, what will Nvidea's 2019 product stack look like?

Let's assume for the moment that the GTX 1160 rumors are true. We'll be getting a card that performs the same (or, if we're very lucky, better) than an RTX 2060 in DX12 for what can only be a slightly reduced price.

Do you think the consumer response will be lukewarm? Because I don't. I think that card is going to explode in popularity like the GTX 1070 and 1060 did as THE price-to-performance options for brand new cards.

If all of this does, in fact, happen- with no other wild, unforseen product announcements or other shenanigans- I think Nvidea would be incredibly stupid to not release a GTX 1170. Surely it's in their capability to launch before Q4 this year.

The only thing that would really change this picture is ray-tracing rising up in functionality and popularity very, very quickly. And I just don't believe in this happening. The AAA gaming industry is too slow to react; we'll see ray-tracing as the hot buzzword of game releases this year but we won't see it actually the preferred option for most gamers until at least a year or two from now, in my personal estimation.

So, I might be ASTOUNDINGLY wrong, but if not, this is me calling it. By August (if not much earlier), we'll see a GTX 1170, in credible rumor if not full-on launch campaign.

What does SFF forum think?
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