Enclosure Realan H-E80S or Streacom F1C Evo


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Apr 27, 2018
I think both of these cases but the only thing I am concerned with is someone said that the power button felt cheap on the F1C evo and I curious on how solid the lid feels since it seems on both of them they are clipped on. (I preferred the Realan H80 where you screwed on the top lid)

If you build with these cases which do you prefer and why? Also give me some cons on each.

I plan on putting noctua case fans in also.
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Dec 3, 2016
It looks like the Realan E-H80S has the same power button as my Relan E-i7 had. The thing is a POS, but can easily be replaced with any normal power button for like $10 off Amazon etc.

Otherwise, I've been mostly happy with the Realan build quality.