gtx 1050

  1. LuKO

    Project: 5.2L MINI PC 250W (Brickless)

    Hello, this is my project 5.2L mini 250W brickless PC for my girlfriend. Specification: MOBO: H310M-ITX/ac CPU: Intel® Pentium® Gold G5400 Processor CPU Cooler: IS-40X from ID-COOLING GPU: GeForce® GTX 1050 OC Low Profile 2G RAM: 8GB DDR4 KIT (2X 4GB) 2400MHz DIMM from Kllisre (Aliexpress)...
  2. NateDawg72

    News Low profile MSI GTX 1050 ti

    I apologize if this isn't news worthy. There looked to be a lot of interest in a card like this so it seemed relevant. A low profile GTX 1050 ti has shown up on MSI's website. It's a dual fan cooler that occupies two slots, slot powered, and has dvi/HDMI/DP outputs. I've not seen any...
  3. CC Ricers

    GPU GTX 1050 specs leaked

    (mods, you can move this to the News section if that is more appropriate) Videocardz is reporting it but the original source comes from Benchlife. According to these leaks, the GP107 GPU which the 1050 is expected to...