Nvidia has launched the new RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070Ti Super, and RTX 4070 Super GPUs for CES 2024. The mid-life refresh of the 4000 series has some very welcome price reductions compared to the outgoing models.
The RTX 4080 Super will retail for $999 as compared to the $1,199 of the original RTX 4080.
The RTX 4070Ti Super will be $799 which is the same price as the outgoing RTX 4070Ti launched at.
The RTX 4070 Super will be $599 which is also the same price the outgoing RTX 4070 launched at.
Of high interest to the SFF community is the RTX 4070 Super as Nvidia is claiming it will give better performance than the last generation RTX 3090 while only using 220 watts...

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Master of Cramming
May 21, 2018
MSI has a 4070 Ti Super that's less than 250mm. I'm pleasantly surprised by this and disappointed that Zotac is only giving the SFF treatment to the 4070 Super. 16 GB is where the 4070 ti should have always been and is enough to get me to upgrade from my 2070.
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