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I’m not going to do a long write up on this because this launch can be summoned up as this:
1. This card is too expensive. As LTT put it, it’s 27% faster than a RTX 3070 while costing 20% more than a RTX 3070.
2. It’s roughly as fast as a RTX 3080.
3. Frame Generation doesn’t improve the latency of a game, and in fact can make it worse. It improves smoothness of image but not play.
4. It should have had 16GB of memory on a 256bit bus for the price their asking. 12GB is too little for a card over $500.
5. It uses 200 watts or lower in gaming.
Being under 200 watts for RTX 3080 performance is the only real upside here. This means we could, manufactures willing, see it in...

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Christopher Moine - Senior Editor SFF.N
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Revenant Tech
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Apr 21, 2017
I think I'll hold on to my 2060 for a bit longer. Sigh!

Frankly, I’d rather downgrade my gaming monitor to a 240hz 1080P than pay the prices Nvidia is demanding right now.
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Cat-Dog Perch Manager
May 18, 2020
This crap makes me glad I got a 3070ti for msrp this fall. I figured this was going to happen