Log NFC S4M Brickless 2070 super + M2426 (the cleanest minimal build)


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Apr 4, 2017
Hi @buttrmytoast, first of all amazing build it truly is a modding masterpiece!!!

I've just finished building my S4M with similar hardware to you albeit with a 3700x. Right now I am powering the system with a Dell 330w, obviously it can't cut it when in scenarios where serious power consumption is required. I have ordered the new HDPLEX 400w AC-DC adapter V.3 and would love to have a brickless build like yours. The issue that I'm having is I am very new to PC modding, the S4M being my second build from the Node 202, and I have a very rudimental understanding when it comes to modding wires, PSUs, GPUs etc.

I don't particularly want to nor feel too comfortable with taking off the GPU shroud or changing the wires of the HDPLEX 400w AC-DC adapter, but I have noticed even if I went with the adapter being an external brick; I would have to extend the DC input cable to reach inside my case to the where the DC-ATX unit is now (see picture below). Thus, I have two options either order an extension cable to go from where the DC input jack is to the DC-ATX unit, or to mod the GPU, this would also require me to re-wire the PCI Express cable, and adapter to have the same configuration as you.

If I were to go for a brickless build would I have to purchase the M2426 unit? I'm not too bothered about cable management per se so if I could do without that it would save a bit of money (as I live in the UK and shipping is a bit much). I assume you modded the adapter as well, could you point me in the right directions regarding an instructional video/text on how to do this (I don't want to end up killing myself)? I know I will have to get longer cables if I place the DC-ATX where you have if I attempt a brickless build. Are you able to tell me if I need different "grade" wires for the various pin holes i.e. GND, 12v, V DC etc. or does it matter so long as each wire is in the correct place?

If I were to go with an external brick set up, as aforementioned, I would have to extend the DC input cable from the adapter to reach the DC-ATX. I assume this would be less of a taxing thing to do compared to going brickless. Although, I would want to shorten the AC-input wires as I would make a vented box, perhaps out of walnut to match the aesthetics of the build, or caps to enclose the C14 AC input this would allow me to have space to put in 40mm fans. Can the adapter accommodate two fans or would I have to join the wires of the two fans to go in to one socket? Is that even possible to have two fans working with the adapter?

Once again awesome build thanks for sharing!