Need Your Advice for My Future Build


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Oct 17, 2017
I want to build a very silent and smallest system possible which can handle 4k-60 fps gaming in near future.Also i am not good at building pc.So i really need your opinions.

As a case, i like the dan case a4-sfx.Because it is one of the smallest case i have ever seen.But i really wonder its acoustic performance on 4k gaming also idle performance with components like i7-7700k and 1080ti.If noise is acceptable i want to go with it.(I am not going to overlock anything)

Also i know that there is a new case coming from Dan that called c4-sfx.It is designed to add 240 mm water cooling AIO at the bottom of the case.So i wonder will water cooling decrease noise levels? i think this is why they want to add water cooling you agree with me? Because i can wait c4-sfx to be released too.

Beyond dan case, i am looking forward to see your any suggestions about silent sff systems.