Log Ncase M1 5900X + 3090 FE Build Log


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Jul 18, 2020
Hello everyone,

Posting my first post/build here that I’ve finished around March last year, been using it daily for gaming and WFH. The 3090FE fits perfectly after doing a small cut at front of the case. a snug fit for sure but silent a cool for the size. I've done some upgrades down the line and tidy up the cables here and there. I also managed to squeeze nine fans in the case, two Phanteks T30 & seven Noctua fans. AIO push/pull - under GPU set as intake - under PSU also exhaust - Back exhaust - chipset and SSD.

I'm using two FanControl profiles to control those fans. one sets all fans to 800RPM which is dead silent and the other one for gaming ramps up my rad fans to 60% and my case fans sync's 3090 fans which sits around 850RPM.

Ambient around 22. PBO & XMP are ON, GPU Power limit and temp limit are off. playing @ 1440p.
Idle temps:
CPU: 35-43
GPU: 30-35
Gaming temps:
CPU: 65-70
GPU: 70-75

Part List

Ryzen 9 5900X
CPU Cooler: EK 240 AIO D-RGB
Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix X570-I
Memory: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory
Storage: Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB
Storage: Corsair MP600 2 TB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090FE
Case: NCASE M1 V6.1
Power Supply: Corsair SF750
Case Fan: Noctua A9x14 HS-PWM chromax
Case Fan: Noctua A9 PWM chromax
Case Fan: 4x Noctua A12x15 PWM chromax
Case Fan: 2x Phanteks PH-F120T30
Fan Hub: DeepCool Fan Hub\Dewire 240 rad fan splitter
Custom Cables: Pslate Power Button
Custom Cables: Pslate Nvidia 12 Pin PCIE Unsleeved Cable
Custom Cables : Pslate 24 Pin Unsleeved Cable
Custom Cables: Pslate CPU Unsleeved Cable

PCPartPicker Part List

Hope you guys liked it! hit my up if you have any questions.
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